The company was founded in 2000 as the representative office of certain Japanese medical companies. It has grown into an independent company, importing medical equipments since 2003.
The company profile combines the complete range of medical equipment and disposable materials, including service:

MRI , CT, X-Ray, Ultrasound Machines, C-Arm, Densitometers, Printers.

Operating room:
Anesthesia machines, anesthesia monitors, operating tables, lights, electrosurgery units, suction pumps.

Ventilators, patient monitors, pulse-oximeters, infusion pumps, oxygen generators, air compressors

Endoscopic systems, ECG machines, Holters, Intracranial Dopplers, EEG machines, Fetal monitors

Hospital beds and furniture.

A big quantity of instruments and disposable materials for interventional
procedures for ICU, cardiology, surgery, urology, anesthesia, angiology,
endoscopy, neurosurgery.

The company has many dedicated customers who are satisfied with both the
high quality of the delivered equipment and after-sale service.

The second direction of the company is to plan and project hospitals, medical centers and clinics.
During the last years the company carried out some large projects:
– the complete equipping with medical equipments of radiology, intensive care units, operational rooms and nuclear medicine departments of Central University Hospital. Tbilisi, Georgia, 2007;
- planning and equipping of radiology department of West Georgian Central Hospital (MRI, CT, Angio cath/lab). Kutaisi, Georgia, 2006;
- planning and equipping of The First (and the only one) Radiation Therapy Center in Georgia with linear accelerators (linacs). Tbilisi, 2009;
- planning of Radiology Clinic and equipping of its MRI department. Tbilisi,2008 and so on.

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